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Exquisite Extraordinary Purebred Ragdolls from
Supreme Grand Champion & Champion lines!
Specializing in both Lovable, Huggable, Beloved Pets & Show/Breeder Ragdolls

AngellCats Ragdolls is a small Cattery located in Southern Connecticut. We are a TICA registered Cattery and regularly show our cats in the TICA shows! Our show results with TICA have been truly extraordinary and outstanding. In the short period of three years of showing in TICA, our cats have received over 400 TICA ribbons, 5 Regional Winners, 4 Supreme Grand Champions, many Champions, Grand Champions, a Double Grand champion, a Quadruple Grand Champion. In TICA CAT SHOWS AngellCats has  received many, many “BEST CAT” OF SHOW ALLBREED AWARDS,  as well as 27 TICA Awards of Excellence for years 2013-2016. Our Award Winning Cats have consistently been featured in the TICA yearbooks including years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  For detailed show news go to our Show News Page!

You can be assured out cats have met with excellence and superiority the TICA standard of the Ragdoll Breed. In addition, our pedigrees show our line of cats come from the original established bloodlines of the genuine foundational ragdolls started by Ann Baker in 1964. These foundational Cattery lines in my first six level Pedigree are: Blossom Trail, Petti-Lu, Sugarpaw, Merrypawpins and Raggyann. We also have three very famous and legendary Ragdolls in our pedigrees including, GC Sugarpaw Jack Frost, Sugarpaw Bit O Honey and SGC Ragnarock’s Elvis of Chatandolls. Ragdoll International (RI) annually gives out the “Sugar Paw Jack Frost” award in his memory. Both Sugarpaw JackFst and Sugarpaw Bit O Honey appear in the Great Grandparent and GG Grandparent levels from our cats Grandfather, JerseyBoy! These ragdolls are known for their outstanding loving personalities and angelic natures, including the ability to go limp in your arms, that Ragdolls are named after!

Be careful in purchasing a ragdoll cat as many claim they are selling genuine Ragdolls, when in fact they are not. Some will take a genuine ragdoll and mate it with a feral cat, which is a “Tom, Tom.” It is true you get what you pay for. People who are genuine Ragdolls breeders work hard at what they do and put out surprising amount of money and time in raising true, genuine,quality, and pure-bred ragdoll. Don’t get ripped off! Be careful of websites that advertise kittens “ON SALE” or offer RARE” Ragdolls. Accepted and recognized Ragolls in TICA, “The Interntional Cat Association, CFA, “Cat Fancier’s Association and CFF “Cat Fancier’s Federation” MUST be blue eyes color-point cats (with or without white). Mink colors with aqua eyes ARE NOT accepted or recognized. Solid colors with green or gold eyes ARE NOT accepted or recognized. Review the Ragdoll standards they are accurately defined in their respective websites: TICA, CFA and CFF.

Our story actually goes back to about 30 years ago, when we were married less than a year and my husband (my Romeo forever!) brought home a beautiful pure bred cat. As definite “cat lovers” we bred cats for a short time until we began to have children. Our original cat and her son lived to be 21 and 20 years old! They both died almost within the same year (2006) and I felt I would never be able to replace especially my “Sammy Baby!” So, I decided to eulogize him and never have another cat again. After crying and crying for months and years my heart began to soften. I began looking for another cat but nothing seemed to be right. A dear friend of mine who was a Ragdoll breeder, introduced me to the breed. She had a family medical emergency and asked me to watch her queen cat with a solo 3 day old baby kitten! Well, destiny had a call here and I after a long story I acquired my foundational Breeding cat Princess Selah! I fell in love with the Ragdoll cat forever and realized it was one of the best choices I ever made! I can assure you with choosing the Ragdoll breed for your new kitty, than an angel awaits to fill your heart with love, joy and angelic companionship!

We are proud to breed Ragdolls that have wonderful personalities, are in excellent health and are magnificent in their beauty. All of our Ragdolls are raised underfoot and we take great pride in providing tender loving care and socialization to all our Ragdolls. We strive to produce healthy, beautiful Ragdoll cats and kittens with wonderful, loving temperaments. Each kitten is socialized from birth and is handled and loved on a daily basis. Our cats are first and foremost our family pets and we love all of them as they are like our children. A health guarantee of one year will come with your little angel as well as their first shots, deworming  and spay/neuterization. Our kittens are reserved by deposit and once it is received, you will receive a written contract which includes a NO DECLAW/INDOORS ONLY and environment where cat lives “no-smoking” policy. Your kitten will go home at approximately 14-16 weeks of age, and when they are 100% potty trained, socialized, and completely healed from surgery.

Go ahead and spoil yourself with an Adorable Lovable Angel!