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Purchasing an Angell Kitten


*Call us at 203-400-2866 or email us at:  for Pet, Show/Alter & Show/Breeder Prices as well as additional information.


Please call us at 203-400-2866 or email us at: for Pet Quality, Show/Alter or Show/Breeder Prices. Please note there is a $50.00 “balance fee” for female kittens, due to the extra cost of a spay surgery versus a neuter surgery.

DEPOSITS: $400 for Pet Quality, $500 Show/Alter Ragdolls and $600+ for Show/Breeder Ragdolls.

All deposits are non-refundable and use of the deposit goes to costs of neutering and spaying, as well as prenatal care of the queen, nutritional foods and supplements and the many needs of kitten care on Pet Quality & Show/Alter kittens.*



ll kittens that are placed as pets are spayed/neutered (No Exceptions) and all of our kittens are under a strict no-declaw contract!!! This cost is in the purchase price, however we do charge a $50.00 balance fee for female spays as their cost is higher than male neuter surgery.


Kittens will come dewormed and free of internal & external parasites.

VACCINES: 2 Sets of Vaccines Felocell 4-Way:

The series vaccinates your feline for preventing (FVR) Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, which is caused by feline herpesvirus-1, (FCV) Feline Calicivirus, a respiratory disease, (FPL) Feline Panluekopenia, caused by (FPV) Feline parvovirus and lastly Feline Chlamydiosis caused by Chlamydia psittaci.


Vaccines done before 12 weeks must be redone in a series of two, with a span of 3-4 weeks apart from each other. So kittens should be vaccinated at 12 and 15 weeks or 12 and 16 weeks. If you want to pick your pet up before 15 weeks you will be responsible for the second vaccine.


Is available with TICA and/or CFA, fee is $25 at cost to the purchaser for registration and filing the registration.


Is put together by AngellCats Ragdolls and made especially by us to welcome your new little ragdoll angel home! Includes sample foods, coupons, and care booklets.


is mandatory and is offered at cost at $75.00 for both the microchip and cost of filing the Microchip Registration, as a courtesy to the Purchaser. One to three animals in their lifetime will become lost with only 2% of cats and 17% of dogs returned to their respectful owners. With microchipping the statistics are increased magnanimously that your pet will be returned to you if lost.


Our line has been tested and tests were shown to be negative for PDK and RD HCM mutation. WE OFFER A FIVE YEAR GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE!!!


All kittens come with a two month trial of pet insurance that you are encouraged to inaugurate.


First year rabies vaccine will be given to any kitten over the age of four months. Otherwise, for the best interests of the kitten, it is your responsibility to vaccinate your kitten at the age of four months and older. The breeder recommends getting the yearly rabies shot and not the three year rabies shot.


Our kittens are ready to leave our home to your home, between the ages of 14-16 weeks. Please refer to this important article on "How Young Is Too Young?" at, if you have any questions on kitten readiness. Keep in mind, the Ragdoll Breed is a slower maturing breed. We only want what is best for the kitten and a wonderful transitional experience to your loving home!


All appointments to pick up kittens will be made a week in advance by the breeder and is exclusively the decision of the breeder. We have the kittens best interests at heart, so we neuter/spay and microchip about a week before we estimate that it will go home to you. However, there may be situations that arise in which the kitten is delayed or comes home a week later than estimated or even possibly longer. Once the Breeder makes the decision its time for the kitten to be homed, it is your responsibility to pickup your kitten no later than one week after readiness has been determined. All kittens picked up after the one week after the Breeders notification, will be subject to cattery boarding fees, at $75.00 per week.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any kitten/cat at anytime, for a full refund to the purchaser.

 *DEPOSIT ON ANGELLCATS KITTENS  Cancellation of kitten for unreasonable situations or “not the fault of the Breeder” concerning the sale of the kitten, will be of forfeiture. No refunds will be granted. However, deposits may be transferred to another future litter, only on kittens held under 10 weeks of age. Unreasonable and “not the fault of the Breeder” situations are the like situations as follows, but not limited to: You have changed your mind on the kitten and no longer want it, the kitten has been examined by a board certified Veterinarian and accessed as healthy, yet you no long desire it etc., and situations arising that are not the responsibility of the Breeder. Please keep in mind what the Breeder does for you to prepare your kitten. The Breeder takes care of your kitten every day, until it is ready at 13-16 weeks. The deposit is used for medical expenses including prenatal care, neutering/spaying, vaccines, de-worming, etc. costs of nutritional supplements and excellent quality food both, wet and dry forms. Your deposit holds your kitten (or a kitten placement) exclusively for you. So please understand,  if you change your mind or you are unable to fulfill your commitment of obligation to purchase the kitten, that there have been many other people who have inquired about your kitten, to which the Breeder could have sold the kitten to. Breeder will suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain, if you cancel your kitten purchase or because you could not fulfill your deposit agreement and will be a breach of the deposit contract. Therefore, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, and is simply a business principle to protect the Breeder from the cost and loss of liquidated damages (LDC).  There are situations where a Breeder at his/her sole discretion will refund a deposit. In this case and only in this case, it is the sole decision of the Breeder, again to refund deposits. These situations are very rare.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Once your check is cashed, you enter into a legal/binding deposit contract with Carole Lewis for the purchase of your AngellCats Ragdolls kitten. All policies and stipulations on this website apply to the deposit contract. Failure of the purchaser to purchase their kitten or failure to accept the provision to accept a future kitten if you are unhappy with the current kitten, is forfeiture and stipulates the deposit as nonrefundable, in order to compensate the cost and lost of liquidated damages (LDC.) Thus, in the event of cancellation by the Purchaser, deposit shall be forfeited by Purchaser and paid to the Breeder as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.  Purchaser and Breeder both agree that such amount is reasonable. Acceptance of a future kitten can be offered as a “one-time” courtesy to the purchaser by the Breeder and is solely the decision of the Breeder.